Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?  Would you know what to do if you, a loved one or someone in your group has a medical emergency?    Whether you trail run, climb, hike or camp there are inherent risks that can result in injury or illness and help can be hours to days away.  Through one of VAMS Wilderness First-Aid courses provides you the knowledge and skills required to help yourself and others should the need arise during your outdoor adventure.  Don’t be another statistic, empower yourself with the basic fundamental education and training required to be self-reliant and confident that if an emergency should strike, you have the ability to assess, treat and potentially self extricate.  The education and skills retained during one of our courses can also be applied to home emergencies, disaster relief, search and rescue, humanitarian work, really anyplace where help is not readily available. 

From basic wilderness first-aid to technical rope rescue and extrication, VAMS has you covered.

“Are You Prepared”

our courses:

Wilderness First Aid Course (WFA)

 Our WFA course will help you prepare for the unexpected with a fun, hands-on introduction to wilderness medical care.


Climber's First Aid & Extrication Course  

 Students will learn rescue and extrication methods based off belay escape techniques along with constructing rope lowering systems; both of which allow access to an injured climber.

Wilderness Medicine & extrication course

Designed for those who are ready to take their wilderness medical and extrication knowledge further.

Technical Rope Rescue & Extrication Course

This course provides participants the basic fundamentals in the use of equipment, anchor systems, rappelling, lowering and raising systems, as well as critical thinking skills to make sound judgements necessary to conduct these activities safely and effectively. 

wilderness first responder course (WFR)

Our Wilderness First Responder Course is recommend for back-country guides, canoe trip leaders, private expedition groups, college/university outdoor education programs, hiking club trip leaders, park rangers, wilderness therapeutic programs, EMT’s, and adventure race safety personnel.  

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