Don't take our word for it

Don't take our word for it


Taken from online reviews and student course reviews

Aaron & VAMS staff, 

             I want to reach out to you and say thank you for what you all do!  I can’t go into the details but I was in the position to apply some of the skills I learned at your course.  On Friday, 5/31/2019, we had a person go down and because I taught my team what you taught me, we were able to save a life.  There was a momentary pause because I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Then the training kicked in!  My team was mobilized, everyone moved quickly and efficiently, teamwork and communication was textbook, we have to improvise and I was SUPER PROUD of my team’s performance!  

                I thought about how we did this while writing the AIC and you should know that what you teach actually saved a life! 

Our victory in the field is a result of your victory in the classroom.  Again, Thank you very much!!! 

Kind Regards, 

Eric C


A couple of weeks ago when I took your TECC class at the North GA Law Enforcement Center I had no clue how dam useful that class would be. All those random ass times you made the class apply a TQ to different extremities started to get annoying but I honestly thank you and Gail for doing it and teaching the class exactly how you did.

Two days ago, I took a GSW to the left leg on duty; it was a 9mm hollow point through and through. The first 10 seconds I couldn’t feel the pain (shock) but I knew exactly what happened and without even thinking applied my CAT TQ that I had on my belt. When I got to Kennestone Hospital, the trauma surgeon was amazed that I personally applied my own TQ well enough to lose pedal pulses and that quickly. 

I honestly couldn’t imagine how I would have turned out if I hadn’t taken the class with y’all. Thank you so much for your years of experience and continuation of teaching proper  emergency medical care.

Best Wishes,

Conrad Sloane

These guys will teach you so much, especially as a LEO. The TECC class teaches life saving measures anyone can apply no matter what stage of a tactical situation you’re in. You learn to think outside the box and save lives, whether it be your own or anyone else’s. Great for LEO, EMT, fire rescue and teachers.

Just completed a week-long rope rescue class! It was the best class I've taken in my career yet!

Very experienced instructors who have a great ability to advance the training beyond a classroom setting and really reinforce the instruction that'll stick with everyone. The TCCC and TECC courses are some of the best training I have ever received and are a must-have for anyone working in a first responder capacity. I personally look forward to training with VAMS.

I am honored and blessed to have trained for a week last month with Aaron, Max and Gail at Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions for Tactical Medic. What an Amazing school. Aaron does it right with state of the art equipment, tools and supplies. He is a tough instructor who expects you to give your best and your all, while he is very generous in every aspect. We all looked tired in this pic as we just got done training hard yesterday. He embraces you into the Valkyries family readily. I am very humbled by this experience and grateful to be a part of Aaron's long list of students. I am looking forward to training with Aaron next month for Repel, Rescue and Extrication and for Advanced Tactical Medic!

I liked it a lot, kept it basic and organized.  Taught good skills.

I learned a lot and gained a greater respect for the medical community.

Very professional and down to earth.  Very informative, I appreciate how the instructors put their own spin on the class.  I feel a lot more prepared.

Instructors were very knowledgeable, good information and practical portions.

This is a good course for someone that has no field experience.

Very educational and good training.

Course was awesome!  Learned a lot, learned stuff that can be helpful with my coworkers.

Very informative, well structured and good intro.  Scenarios were well done and very engaging.

Very informational, very eye opening

Excellent evidence based tactile and didactic learning.  Brings to light experience that all providers should prepare for.  (Instructors were) Absolutely professional, respectful and were more than willing to answer any questions.

I felt the course was well balanced between classroom and practical/hands-on experience.  The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging.  Overall an excellent experience.

Very well presented.  It was very fun and educational.

Great presentation of the 1st level of this material, the exercises were appropriate for the level taught and instructors were excellent at facilitating learning.

Loved the entire program, much different approach from typical classes.

Extremely informative great practicals.

Everyone should take this class.

I thought it was well put together by a group of individuals who are passionate about the topic.

Great class with great teachers.

Very informative, Love the real-life experiences that came into play.

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