Wilderness Medicine & Extrication Course


Wilderness Medicine & Extrication Course


Designed for those who are ready to take their medical and extrication knowledge further, our 5 day 56-hour course is on the leading edge of wilderness medicine. Our Wilderness Medicine & Extrication Course will expose students to preventative medicine, basic and improvised medical treatment protocols, and the dynamic technical skills that are required to locate, assess, treat, and move patients from point of injury to safety. From the moment students arrive at one of our camps, our instructors promote a positive learning experience through interactive lectures, practical skill sessions, and building critical thinking skills through participation and succession of each days training. Group dynamics and team building is also a key to our student’s success because of the importance of working as unit to identify, manage, and solve problems that our students may encounter once they leave this course. We welcome anyone to attend the course who is interested in becoming knowledgable in the field of wilderness medicine, extrication, leadership and safety. No prior medical knowledge is required for this class.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Wilderness Medicine & Extrication Course
  • Wilderness First Aid Kits
  • Patient Assessment
  • Patient Extrication Planning
  • Head/Spine Injuries & Management
  • Chest Injuries and Management
  • Abdominal Injuries & Management
  • Shock
  • Wound Management
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Joint Immobilization
  • Environmental Injuries
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Medical Patients
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Altitude Sickness
  • CPR
  • Rope Management
  • Anchor System Construction
  • Raising and Lowering Systems 

Certification achieved:

  • Wilderness Medicine & Extrication Certificate
  • HSI Adult & Child CPR/AED Certification
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