Tactical Medic Provider Course


Tactical Medic Provider Course


The 7 day Comprehensive Tactical Medic Provider Course is designed to introduce pre-hospital providers to the dynamic world of tactical medicine.  Through years of experience working in both law enforcement special operations and military combat operations, we offer an up to date tactical medical evidence-based course that is physically, as well as mentally challenging.  

 The TMPC instruction curriculum provides our students with a comprehensive learning platform with core fundamentals of tactical medicine operations, TCCC and TECC required to support, and operate, as a tactical medical provider on a specialized police response teams, personal security teams, or military medics in supporting operations in the tactical arena.  

Topics include:

•            Introduction to Tactical Medicine

•            Tactical First Aid Kits

•            Tactical Systematic Patient Assessment

•            Tourniquets

•            Hemostatic Agents

•            Pressure Dressings

•            Wound Management

•            Airway Management

•            Breathing Management

•            Systematic Tactical Patient Assessment

•            Hemorrhagic Shock

•            Hypothermia

•            Penetrating Eye Injuries

•            Oral and Intramuscular Medications

•            Antibiotics

•            Analgesia

•            Fracture Management

•            Burn Management

•            Operating in the Tactical Environment

•            Minimizing Mortality & Morbidity of Personnel

•            Maintaining Operational Capabilities of Tactical Units

•            Casualty Movement Techniques

•            Drags

•            Carries

•            Litters

•            Three Phases of Care in the Tactical Operation

•            Operational Medicine

•            Officer / Soldier Down Techniques

•            Documentation


Certification achieved:

 VAMS Tactical Medic Certificate

NAEMT TCCC Certificate

 Course cost: 

 $1350.00 per student (all educational materials and required equipment are included)

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