Tactical Medic Provider Course


Tactical Medic Provider Course


The Advanced Tactical Medic Provider Course is a continuation from our BTMP Course designed for a TMP to progress in solving  more complex tactical medical problems that maybe encountered both by  military combat medic or TMPs supporting SWAT operations.  This 8 day course will build on the basic fundamentals of Tactical Medicine and provide participants the education,skills and training experience  to critically think and apply advanced medical interventions, treatment modalities, along with extrication techniques that can make the difference in a life. This is completed by building on the medic's core fundamentals of education and experience, allowing for the student to expand their medical capabilities in support of their mission profiles.  The Advance Tactical Medic Provider Course continues the paradigm of Life Saving Interventions as well as Operational Medicine base on evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield.     

Topics include:

  • Operational Medicine

  • Officer / Soldier Down Techniques       

  • Hemostasis

  • Tourniquets     

  • Direct Pressure

  • Bandaging

  • Combat Gauze

  • Pressure Dressing

  • Wound Management 

  • Casualty Movement Techniques

  • Drags

  • Carries

  • Litters

  • Airway Interventions

  • Breathing Interventions

  • Chest Wounds

  • Hemorrhagic Shock

  • Assessment for Shock

  • Hypothermia

  • HPMK

  • Penetrating Eye Injuries

  • Oral and Intramuscular Medications

  • Antibiotics

  • Analgesia

  • Fracture Management

  • Burn Management 

  • Documentation

Certification achieved: 

  • VAMS Combat Medic Certificate 

Course Cost: 

  • $1550.00 per student (all reading materials and required equipment are included)

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