Tactical Medic Course


Tactical Medic Course


The 5 day 52-hour Tactical Medic Course is designed to introduce emergency medical technicians to the dynamic world of tactical medicine.  Through years of experience working with both law enforcement special operations and military combat operations, we offer a physically, as well as mentally, challenging course.  This course provides the medic with the basic fundamentals of TCCC and TECC required to support, and operate, as a medic on a Specialized Police Response team or in supporting operations in the tactical arena.  The Tactical Medic course is designed to provide the Medic with the skills necessary to support a tactical law enforcement team.  as the violence associated with drug activity and terrorism continues to increase, the ability to have medics trained, qualified, and skilled with this specialized talent is becoming a standard among tactical law enforcement teams. 

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Tactical Medicine
  • Tactical First Aid Kits
  • Patient Assessment
  • Operating in the Tactical Environment 
  • Minimizing Mortality & Morbidity of Personnel 
  • Maintaining Operational Capabilities of Tactical Units  

Course prerequisite:

  • Current NREMT EMT-I/AEMT/EMT-P certification

Certification achieved:

  • VAMS Basic Tactical Medic Certificate

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