Aaron Jamison, NREMT-P

Aaron Jamison is our owner and primary instructor. Aaron’s distinguished military career encompasses over 20 years with the U.S. Army and Army National Guard. After 23 years of service, Aaron retired as a Sergeant First Class.  Much of Aaron's time focused on small unit assignments with reconnaissance, light infantry, and special operations.

Aaron's time spent with the army allowed him the opportunity to work as an instructor. During which time he developed units by preparing them for combat zones.  Aaron’s duties often included, but were not limited to, instructing other solders and units in direct action, reconnaissance, close quarter battle, designated marksmanship/sniper training, and combat medicine.

Aaron has served in many areas throughout the world and served multiple deployments to Iraq. While serving with the 10th Mountain Division, Aaron began perfecting his skills as not only a rock climber, but also an ice climber with a specificity in winter mountaineering conditions.  Aaron quickly became a guide in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York; during which time he also  developed an interest in pre-hospital medicine and, more specifically, wilderness medicine. 

Aaron’s medical career eventually lead him out of the mountains of New York and into the city of New York where he became a critical care paramedic as well as a tactical medic supporting NYPD’s ESU (emergency services unit).  Aaron’s career was far from over when he left New York City.  Aaron took a position in Atlanta, Georgia with Grady Memorial Hospital's Emergency Medical Services.  Grady EMS is not only the busiest EMS service in the state (covering 911 response for the city of Atlanta), but also one of the busiest in the country. While working for Grady EMS, Aaron co-founded and served as the commander of the Special Operations Team. A position that he held for over 10 years that involved providing tactical medical support for the Atlanta Police Department's Swat Team. 

Aaron was also one of the designers of the Biosafety Transport Team for Grady EMS which supports Emory Hospital in Atlanta, as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), with the transport of patients with serious communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and ebola.  Aaron's team was the first in the United States to transport a confirmed case of Ebola successfully, as well as several other confirmed cases.

Aaron’s career spans over 35 years and encompasses wilderness experience, military training, and pre-hospital medicine.  This unique skill set, combined with Aaron’s leadership attributes, makes Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions what it is today.  Aaron is currently an instructor in TECC, LFR, WFR, PHTLS, AMLS, GEMS, ADLS, BCLS, ACLS, as well as both low and high angle rescue. 

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Gail Stallings, NRP

Operations Director

Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions & Consultants LLC

Gail’s brings 14 years of experience as an Emergency Medical Paramedic. During these years, Gail has held positions as Paramedic in high volume metropolitan ambulance service, Field Training Officer, SWAT Medic (Atlanta Police department) as well as other state and federal agencies, Special Operations Medic in which she was instrumental in providing transport to the first Ebola patients that came to the USA.  

Gail has focused her last few years providing instructional  mentorship and leadership as a the lead instructor for Grady EMS Training Academy .  She has been instrumental in  providing aspiring Paramedic students in their development and success in passing the national registry of EMTs.  

Gail is a leader, educator, mentor, councilor, and a critical key player in many program developments and operational outcomes.

Gail is now the Director of Operations for Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions & Consultants in which she is responsible for course development, implementation of course to our students, assures Quality Assurance in course delivery as well as ensures every student that participates in a VAMS course is challenged, engaged, and ensures that they have the best training and educational  outcomes.

Hugh Maxwell, BSN, NREMT-P, CPS

Hugh Maxwell has an extensive tactical and medical background honed through several years of military service, overseas high-threat protection, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Multiple combat rotations impressed upon Hugh the value of a medical skill-set to soldiers on the battlefield, as both a force multiplier and a source of psychological solace.  This understanding fostered in Hugh a sense of duty and commitment that is at the heart of his passion for emergency medicine.

After a distinguished military career, Hugh moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he challenged himself by working with Grady Memorial Hospital’s high-volume EMS system.  There he met Aaron and qualified for the Special Operations (SPEC OPS) Paramedic Team.  As part of Grady’s SPEC OPS, Hugh provided concurrent EMS missions to local and Federal law enforcement, bio-hazard transport to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and 911-response for the city of Atlanta.

After several years of EMS on the streets of Atlanta, Hugh pursued a more tactically oriented application of the paramedic craft as a personal security service (PSS) contractor with the Department of State.  As a security specialist on a mobile detail, Hugh was charged with not only providing primary medical support to Embassy/Consulate missions, but training mobile and static security personnel in self aid and buddy aid, and supporting the Embassy/Consulate medical-base-defense plan. 

Since leaving the contractor world, Hugh has returned to Atlanta to advance his is education in medicine and share his experience teaching in the medical and tactical communities.

James Zerylnick, RN, NREMT-P, EMHP

James Zerylnick is the Operations and Training Manager for Emory University’s Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (C.E.P.A.R.) is responsible for developing, coordinating and conducting many of the training programs identified through CEPAR as well as performing various emergency management functions for the enterprise.  Mr. Zerylnick is a licensed paramedic, a tactical medic, a registered nurse, NIMS Instructor, and a certified healthcare emergency management professional (EMHP). Before joining Emory, he was with the Medical College of Georgia's Center for Operational Medicine where he contributed to the development of the National Disaster Life Support Foundation's Disaster Life Support programs such as BDLS (Basic Disaster Life Support), ADLS (Advanced Disaster Life Support), CDLS (Core Disaster Life Support), and other disaster medical and tactical medical programs for various agencies throughout the U.S. 

He is also a Hospital/Medical decontamination trainer and has been involved in teaching the Biosafety Transport course (highly-infectious patient transport techniques) since 2006.  He worked as an EMT and as a paramedic at Dekalb County Emergency Medical Service and as an Emergency Department nurse at Dekalb Medical Center, both in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rodney Lewis, B.S., NREMT-P, CCEMT-P

Rodney Lewis brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience within public safety, and federal law enforcement, to Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions.  Rodney earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University.

While working on his degree, Rodney worked first as an EMT, and then as paramedic.  When Rodney finished his degree he began working at Grady EMS in Atlanta, GA as a paramedic.  While at Grady EMS, Rodney was promoted to field training officer, then to supervisor, while serving as a member of the Special Operations Team.  

Rodney is currently the state of Georgia’s National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Coordinator (NAEMT), a Georgia Paramedic Instructor, and a Critical Care Paramedic.  For more than 10 years, Rodney has also been an instructor many prehospital medical courses ranging Advanced Life Support, Self Aid/Buddy Aid, to Tactical Combat Casualty Care for EMS providers and law enforcement. 


Carson Chinn

K9 Instructor, Rescue Specialist

Carson has decades of experience in the backcountry austere environments in climbing and snowboarding both in high peaks of Colorado and the big walls of New York. Also, Carson has a long history participating and enduring Off Road Enduro Racing which requires riders to endure long self sustain overland travel and navigation skills. His passion for K9s and search and rescue operations, Carson brings VAMS combined years of experience in the CSAR, USAR, K9 Body Recovery Operations as well as K9 Instructor experience.

Another attribute Carson brings to VAMS is long history and work experience providing disaster medical solutions, design and manufacturing for high end platforms and systems in support of austere medical products and rescue platforms for teams around the world.

Carson is now working on his fire fighter certifications, as well a continuing to pursue and expand his education in USAR, CSAR and K9 applications as well as a continued passion to design and manufacture specialized medical equipment in support of specialized tactical and rescue operations.

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