The Climber's First Aid & Extrication Course follows our Wilderness First Aid curriculum but with an emphasis on recognizing, managing, and extricating injured rock climbers; as well as particular traumatic injuries and medical emergencies encountered by climbers.  Students will learn rescue and extrication methods based off belay escape techniques along with constructing rope lowering systems; both of which allow access to an injured climber.  By learning about the potential hazards that create a dangerous situation while climbing, students will be able to climb safer by evaluating and selecting routes that are free from objective hazards, as well as within the ability of the climbing team. Upon completion of this 3 day 24-hour course, students will be able to recognize, treat, and manage injured climbers along with performing belay escapes and constructing lowering systems.

Topics include:

  • Planning your climbing trip and medical considerations (e.g., preventive medicine)

  • Route Assessment

  • Belay Escapes

  • Lowering Systems

  • First Aid Kits

  • Patient Assessment (Primary/Focused)

  • Airway Management

  • Breathing Management

  • Bleeding Control

  • Head/Spine Injuries & Management

  • Chest Injuries & Management

  • Abdominal Injuries & Management

  • Fractures/Sports Injuries & Management

  • Soft Tissue Injuries & Management (e.g., wounds, burns, and infections)

  • Environmental Medical Emergencies (hyperthermia/hypothermia)

  • Lighting Strikes

  • Submersion Emergencies

  • Shock Management

  • Allergic Reactions

Certification achieved:

  • VAMS Climber's First Aid & Extrication Certificate 

Course Cost:

  • $275.00 per student (all reading material and equipment required is included; students can bring their own climbing gear but it must be approved by course instructor on the first day)


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