“The evil we should fear most is the indifference of good men.”- Boondock Saints


Back when I first moved to Atlanta, my sister was heading home from work late on a Saturday night, she was cut off by a box truck and her car slammed into a cement retaining wall.  Thankfully she wasn’t too badly injured.  Back to the point, in a time when cell phones were still pretty new, I received a phone call at 1am from a complete stranger who was sitting on the side of the road holding my sister’s hand until the ambulance came.  I have never been so grateful for a person I have never met.  He didn’t have to do those things, and sadly, most wouldn’t.

I have been reading about the bystander effect.  In short, the more people that are present the less likely anyone is to do anything.  This is well evidenced by the incredible number of violent videos taken by bystanders who do nothing else.  The thought is that “someone else will do something.”  Is this really who we want to be?  I truly hope not, I believe deep down people want to do the right thing and just get stuck.  Fear, not knowing what to do.  We need to find a way back to being a community and not a society of bystanders.

If you want to feel more equipped, learn first aid, CPR, take a stop the bleed class, if nothing else call for help and STAY until help arrives.  Imagine if it were you or your loved one, what would you want to happen?  Be that person.  Imagine an engaged community where people helped and looked after each other.  How amazing would that be?!  It’s not hard just put your indifference aside.  - Gail Stallings

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