Who We Are

Decades of experience has lead Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions to design and implement a diverse selection of first responder and prehospital provider courses that meet the ever demanding threats we are confronted with every day.  From the average citizen interested in becoming educated in basic medical knowledge and assessment skills, to the seasoned medic interested in improving their skill set in order to provide up-to-date patient care in the dynamic prehospital environment, Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions can help.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions to be a leader in education and consulting by creating innovative solutions that focus on quality austere medical education programs, while providing continuing education to civilians, first responders, and prehospital providers in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

It is the vision of Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions that we will set the standards of excellence in our fields.  We will serve the public, we will be a leader in emergency medical services education, and we will stand out with pride and professionalism.

It is our highest priority to demonstrate our mission and vision statements with confidence, integrity, and ethics while providing a level of education that sets us apart in our fields.  


Find out about our instructors, thoughts, our methods, and the results of our decades of experience.

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