What’s in a name?

Valkyrie (valˈki(ə)rē,ˈvalkərē) noun Scandinavian mythology; each of Odin's twelve handmaidens who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla (aka “the soldier’s angel”). 

-They also chose who lived.  As the world looks more like a battlefield, we need more angels to stem the loss of life.

Austere:  having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance; unadorned.

"the cathedral is impressive in its austere simplicity"


plain, simple, basic, functional, unembellished, without frills

-       Simple life saving medicine outside of a hospital setting


Do you ever wonder what you would do if a disaster happened near you or your loved ones?  With shootings in schools and venues like Las Vegas  seemingly becoming the norm, and with natural disasters on the rise, learning a few simple skills may mean the difference between life and death.    

Many people simply tune out the horrors and are grateful it isn’t happening to them or believe that the public safety system will take care of them.  You should be able to intervene when seconds count and help is minutes away.  There is so much to lose, and so much to be gained by acquiring basic skills. 

The Department of Homeland Security recommends that everyone, yes even children, have disaster preparedness training in order be prepared for unanticipated emergencies, to build stronger more resilient communities that are better able to respond to the unexpected disaster. 

A medical background is not necessary to learn how to be prepared; you will gain the knowledge and skills required to help yourself, your family, or others. Valkyries offers courses for anyone, ranging from children to medical personnel.  Our experience allows us to adapt courses to the needs of the students to provide the optimal learning experience.

Through our experiences in responding to disasters, hostile events, backcountry rescue, and first responding, we have dedicated decades to honing the skills and critical thinking to help others in most disaster situations. 

This is VAMS passion, we want to make it possible for individuals to be “aware and prepared” for whatever the situation might throw at you. 

At Valkyries we believe, with every person we engage that we expand our ability to help others, the more people who possess the ability and knowledge to assist the better the outcome will be. 

Consider it…

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